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Mastering Italian Certification Series

Mastering Italian Certification Series

This course is designed to teach students all of the basics of the Italian kitchen. During this one of a kind 12 week series, chef Amy Riolo will demystify the time-honored traditions from grandmothers as well as professional techniques of restaurant chefs. It’s like living in Italy, having an Italian grandmother and attending Italian culinary school all in one! Participants will gain a deep knowledge of Italy’s culinary history and the role of food in its culture. Time-saving strategies to help students incorporate the best of Italian cuisine in their busy lifestyle will be shared. An exam will be given during the final class, and those who pass will receive a certificate of completion. Class One: Introduction to Italian Food Culture NOV 29 This class will reveal the beautiful and unique history of Italy’s regions as it relates to its cuisine today. We will explore the relationship between grandmothers and professional chefs in the Italian kitchen and the way it has shaped that nation’s modern gastronomy. Class one also explains the Italian meal planning system and explains how to integrate them into busy lifestyles anywhere. Students will be given a syllabus with Italian culinary terminology and recipes used in the series. Antipasti recipes will be covered. Class One Menu: Tuscan Crudites with Pinzimonio; Ricotta, Eggplant and Mint Bruschetta; Vegetable and Parmigiano-Reggiano Carpaccio, Antipasto Platter Class Two: Meal Planning Italian Style – Time Honored Traditions, Seasonal Strategies, Menus, and More DEC 6 This class gets to the core of what to cook when and why by explaining how Italians approach the kitchen. We will also outline how time-honored traditions provide tricks of the trade that can help today’s cooks be more efficient in the kitchen. Class Two Menu: Fresh Breadcrumbs; Croutons; Vinaigrette; beans and legumes; stocks Class Three: Building an Italian Pantry– Prized Italian Products DEC 13 The class outlines each of the unique IGP, DOC, DOCG, DOP (Protected Designation of Origin) products specific to Italy. It teaches how to build a pantry for successful Italian cooking as well as how to select produce, fish, and meat. Class Three Menu: Fresh Tomato Sauce;Pesto Sauce; Salsa Besciamella; cacio e pepe Class Four: Weekday Pasta 101 JAN 3 Weekday lunches in Italy often consist of “paste sciutte” or dried pastas with simple, healthful sauces. This class teaches a variety of pasta shapes and sauces for maximum flavor in minutes. Class Four Menu: Tagliatelle with Basil Ricotta Cream Sauce; Penne alla Norma; Farfalle with Zucchini and Nuts; Couscous with Trapani Style Sauce. Class Five: Fresh Pasta Making JAN 10 This class teaches the time –honored tradition of pasta making. We will explain pasta and sauce pairing basics as well as the history of pasta making in Italy. Class Five Menu: Basic durum wheat pasta dough; cavatelli, taglierini; pappardelle; pastas dressed with various sauces learned in Class Three. Class Six: Other Primi – Risotto, Soups, and Gnocchi JAN 17 In addition to pasta, other important Italian first courses include risottos, soups, and gnocchi. Professional Italian chefs are judged by their risotto and gnocchi making skills. You’ll learn the secrets to making each one, as well as their history and many variations. Class Six Menu: Classic Risotto alla Milanese; Tomato Soup with Orzo and Cannelini Beans, Traditional Potato Gnocchi, Polenta Class Seven: Secondi – Main Courses JAN 24 Italian second courses range from easy, pan fried poultry, fish and meat, to elaborate stuffed holiday roasts. You’ll learn the traditions and techniques of a variety of recipes, as well as tricks to preparing them ahead of time. We’ll also discuss how to pair Italian first and second courses together in meal planning. Class Seven Menu: Pollo alla Milanese, Classic Meatballs, Swordfish with Olives, tomatoes, Herbs, and Capers; Tuscan Seafood Stew Class Eight: Side Dishes and Salads JAN 31 Vegetables are the backbone of the Italian diet. This class teaches how to transform them into seasonal culinary masterpieces as side dishes and salads. We’ll also discuss repurposing leftovers into other delicious meals. Class Eight Menu: Artichokes with Garlic and Oil; Pan Fried Fennel with Parmigiano-Reggiano; Pepper, Potato, and Eggplant Medley; Artichoke, Roasted Red Pepper, and Yellow Tomato Salad Class Nine: Aperitivi FEB 7 Offering a simple drink is the most common, modern way to entertain Italian style – This class explains the unique terroir and cultivation process that goes into making some of Italy’s most reknown wines and liqueurs. The Aperitivi section demystifies the tradition of the Italian Aperitivo tradition – with history, menus, and recipes for readers to recreate at home. It will explain the island’s most renowned wines –all with DOP (Protected Designation of Origin) designations. Class Nine Menu: Lemon Scented Shrimp, Crostini with Chickpea Puree, Mozzarella, Melon, and Smoked Salmon Spiedini; Mixed Mushroom Medley; Almond-Stuffed Figs in Chocolate Sauce Class Ten: Colazione: Italian Breakfast and Coffee Culture FEB 14 This class is dedicated to the dishes that Italians eat for breakfast. You’ll learn recipes for breakfast on the go, Weekends, brunch, and special occasions, and make ahead strategies. Italian coffee etiquette will also be covered. Class Ten Menu: Bomboloni (Italian Doughnuts); Tuscan Cantucci; Crostini with Ricotta and Honey; Pan di Spagna (Italian Sponge Cake) Class Eleven: Dolci: Secrets to Italian Sweets FEB 21 Italian pastries are some of the most famous in the world. Learn the history behind them, as well as simple strategies to make your own. Class Eleven Menu: Italian Citrus Pound Cake (Quattro Quarti), Traditional Pastry Cream; Tiramisu; Cream Puffs; Poached Pears Class Twelve: Wine and Cheese FEB 28 This class teaches Italian wine pairing basics by offering a guided tasting. Students will receive a wine and cheese primer and enjoy an antipasti platter. The certification exam will be administered.

November 29 @ 6:30pm


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